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BookLife Talks with Julie Scolnik

The BookLife review praised the author by saying, "she takes readers on a journey with her not just to Paris, but deep into matters of the heart."

The GAB TALKS Podcast

Julie Scolnik discusses "Paris Blue" with Gabby Olczak, President of the Independent Press Award

Meet the Artist with Fran Wilson

Interviews with musicians, composers, and conductors 

Interview with Speak Up Talk Radio

Interview with Pat Rullo as first-place winner of the Firebird Awards

French Cultural Center Interivew

Interview about Paris Blue, with the French Cultural Center of Boston.

Interview at Raver Mag

A unique connection with not just love but her connection to music.

Interview with Michael Beas at C-Suite Network

In Conversation With Breakout Author Julie Scolnik

Interview with Alliance Francaise de Washington DC

Julie Scolnik joins Alliance Française of Washington to present her debut book, Paris Blue: A Memoir of First Love.

Feathered Quill Interview

Feathered Quill reviewer Kimberly Trix Lee speaks with Julie Scolnik, author of Paris Blue: A Memoir of First Love.

Book Movement Interview

A memoir of first love set in 1970's Paris that has captured the imagination of none other than John Irving!  To Paris we go...

Meet Us in Paris Podcast

Her book is an experience of being in Paris during the 70’s, to study music and finding love. All in the backdrop of the cafés, streets, and concert halls of Paris over 30 years. Find out more about Julie and the inspiration of her book on today’s podcast, it’s a pretty incredible story!

On Mic Podcast with Jordan Rich

Julie Scolnik is an extraordinary musician who tells an enchanting story of romance, passion, heartbreak and resilience in her beautiful memoir “Paris Blue.”  The book whisks readers away to Paris, where we experience the sights, sounds, tastes and art of the City of Lights through the eyes of a young American student swept away by her first love affair.    An affair with an arc that doesn’t always mean happiness.

Paris Underground Radio 

In this interview, Julie talks about what it is about first love that grabs us so tightly, the interconnectedness of Paris and music and writing, and what it was like to relive the moments that have shaped her life.

Class of 1974 Book Talk - Phillips Exeter Academy

Use the password 1974 for access.

OrdEr Here


(I will always be happy to sign any books at one of our concerts!)

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